Client Testimonials

Josh Marhevka

Nutrition Coaching Client

I have known Anthony for a number of years. Our relationship began at the gym I was working out at and he was training at. We also have some mutual friends also involved in the fitness industry.

 I saw one of Anthony’s posts one day on social media offering a 90 day nutrition program. I was quickly on board. Being a trainer myself, I realized I had reached a physical plateau and was ready for some proper instruction and guidance nutritionally. We had a consultation and picked a start date. 

Anthony first took the time to learn my current eating habits and nutrition levels. He then began to adjust weekly to what my body need in order to achieve my results. Every week I had new goals, new macros, and several conversations to check in and game plan. He is extremely knowledgeable on what needs adjustment and for how long depending on the weekly outcome. He is also fantastic at making suggestions on different foods and nutrition sources. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone really understand your body and physical needs. 

About 3 quarter way through the program I developed some severe stomach issues and could barely eat. Fortunately I had Anthony in my corner to help with eating suggestions to naturally strengthen my gut and immune system. I still encompass those foods into my daily eating habits to this very day.

Berenice Rios

Nutrition Coaching Client

I started working with Anthony Santana on March 2018.

I had been working out on my own for 2 years prior but was not seeing the results I had hoped for. I was overweight and unhappy with my physical look. 

Working with Anthony this past year has helped me lose 20 pounds. 

He is so patient with me and just laughs off my whining and pushes me to give my best. 

My strength and endurance have increased, and I am happy with how my physical looks. 

I enjoy receiving compliments and shopping for fitted clothes that I would normally be too afraid to wear. My confidence is steadily growing every day. 

Working with a qualified trainer has not just helped me look better physically, but it has also taught me to be more conscious of my nutrition. 

Making this lifestyle change has been the best thing I could have done for myself.

Kiersten Funk

Nutrition Coaching Client

My husband and I met Anthony at GNC a few years ago and have always loved picking his brain about some general nutrition and fitness advice. He has always been very knowledgeable and methodical with his responses to our questions.

We have always had an interest in weightlifting and it is our go-to hobby for our whole family. After having my daughter I was able to rebound fairly quickly. But I noticed that I had reached a plateau that I could not overcome.

I battled it off and on for a solid 2 years and started to shift my mentality to be “it is what it is”. Anthony would casually mention, in his humble approach, that he was doing some personal training and coaching and would love to help out if we were interested. I was hesitant about “hiring a trainer” for a few months, but after watching his instagram account and really getting to understand him and his approach more, I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot with his program.

Signing up with Anthony is hands down the best investment I have ever made for my health. In just 4 months I am crushing my goals left and right. 

His approach as a health and lifestyle coach has not only helped me become leaner, but I am stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally since he has started guiding me. I don’t have to have the “it is what it is” mentality and I can be in control. 

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Nutrition Coaching Client

My relationship with food was something I never understood, and since nutrition isn’t really taught, I thought I was eating right. But when you hit 250 pounds, something is wrong.

I’ve tried and failed at numerous diets throughout my life and had pretty much conceded that this is me. Being a recovering drug addict, I traded the drugs for food and alcohol, and over the last 12 years, my weight continued to climb to the point where I was 100 pounds overweight and losing hope.

My daughter then told me about Coach Anthony this last December and really encouraged me to make contact with him to see if he could help me. I was hesitant because the last thing I wanted was another failed attempt under my belt. And I also was embarrassed at reaching out and asking for help. After a couple of months of listening to her about how much energy she had and re-learning how to eat, I was still hesitant because I had such a huge number looming over me of pounds to lose.

January 30 of this year, I weighed in at 250 pounds. It was a now or never feeling. I contacted Anthony on February 4, 2019, and it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! Since the first day, we discussed my eating, my relationship with food, and what I hoped to achieve. I did have a hard time understanding everything at first. I thought it was way more complicated than it really was, and I thought logging and measuring was going to consume my life. Quite the contrary. For the first two weeks, I dug in deep to understand. I counted every calorie, read every nutrition label, logged every meal, and began to see it all come together. That combined with the phone call support from Anthony and text support, and understanding that this is a journey… not a race, I started to see and feel the small wins, and my idea of “dieting and weight loss” was the reason I had not been successful before now.

He started me off with baby steps, gradually increasing my steps each week, and I worked on tightening up my macros. I can honestly say that I have never once felt deprived. I am not starving or miserable. In fact, I eat more food now in a day than I did before! In 12 weeks, I went from a girl who had no motivation, no drive, no energy, and no understanding of how to fuel my body to a girl who is literally climbing mountains and hiking miles every day. I’ve shed nearly 30 pounds and over 13.5 inches overall, and my energy is thru the roof. What once was a chore and something I would dread… I now crave and can’t get enough of it. The scale no longer defines who I am. The results I am seeing are a combination of my mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical. I have never been so motivated! I feel AMAZING! This program has truly changed my life, and I can say that this is my new lifestyle, and I love it!! I still have a long way to go and a lot of weight to lose, but it is no longer haunting me, hanging over me. Every step I take, and the more I push myself is bringing me to a freedom I have never had! 

I am forever grateful for Anthony, he is extremely knowledgeable, and I really feel like that without his guidance and encouragement, I’d still be on that couch, complacent with where I was in life.

This story is not over by a long shot! To be continued….

Justin Sands

Nutrition Coaching Client

My name is Justin and I'm 26 years old, I started my weight loss journey in march 19th 2019. I was very determined to lose weight no matter how I did it because I was feeling bad about myself and getting depressed. I started starving myself just consuming oatmeal, eggs, and protein shakes every day. While I was starving myself I was taking weight loss supplements to speed the process, and when that wasnt enough I started running 1 to 2 miles a day dropping a lot of weight fast I started at 250 pounds and dropped all the way down to 205 within 3 months. Then I contacted Anthony about advice on weight loss and muscle gain and that's when I began online coaching with Anthony.

Anthony helped me out a lot he taught me how to eat properly while still losing weight but the healthy way. He helped me with my bowel movements because I have a sensitive stomach with an acid reflux disease. Provided me with a lot of varieties of exercises to do within the week. This part of my journey was a lot better since I could eat what I wanted while staying in my macros while losing fat percentage and gaining muscle. I started in July with online coaching at 205 pounds and my lowest weight was 178 pounds feeling healthy and proud of what I look like.